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Data Capture | How to upload 1,000 products in few days?

Do you have problem to upload 1,000 or more products into your ecommerce website?
Our data catpure teams can help you to do this work in few days.
Create a product folder for each product category. The product category name will be named after the product folder name.
. Product Images Size : 500 pixels x 500 pixels. If you have problem to resize all the product picture and add watermarks (optional), our data capture team can help you to do this work with a small additional fees.
Product Image Filename = Product Code + Product Running Number + Image Type (.jpg)
 Product code: AB45XY
 The first picture filename is AB45XY-1.jpg
 The second picture filename is AB45XY-2.jpg
 The third picture filename is AB45XY-3.jpg and so forth
  The first picture will appear in the product summary and the product detail page. The second picture, third picture and so forth will appear in the product detail page as additional pictures for the same product.
Login to your FTP server to upload all the product folder(s) and picture(s).
 URL: ftp://domain example
 Enter the username and password provided.
Copy or drag the product folder(s) and picture(s) from your computer to the server via FTP.
Our data catpture teams will capture all the information in Excel and send to you. You may easily complete all the other information such as product name, retail price, group buy price etc in Excel and pass back to our data capture team to data entry all the information in Excel to the server.
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We provide ecommerce website support and maintenance.

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