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Web Designer | How to earn extra $5,000 a month?

Why web designer fail to meet client expectation?

The client ask for LIVE clickable website to visualise the look and feel.
The client ask for endless edits and add in features that may affect the design layout.

How the designer collaboration work helps to meet the client expectation?

The client come to you or
We give you the client or
You find the client.
. You make the first design in photoshop for the client to review. You make changes in your design in photoshop until the client accept your design.
You pass the design to our engineering to convert into Content Management System (CMS) website.
Our engineering will develop the CMS website based on your design in photoshop. The first cut to the client will include (a) home page, (b) contact us page, (c) article keyword search, (d) menu structures and dummy contents (e) facebook social plugin (if available); all clickable. Our engineering will try to make the CMS website as close as possible to your photoshop design.
Show the CMS website to the client. Any changes requested by the client, put in the photoshop, inform the engineering and we will change it accordingly. We understand design changes are inevitable but you should set the client expectation to limit the changes. All design should be completed within 2 weeks.
Collect all the content from the client. Our engineering will provide you a CMS account for you to easily add/change menu and articles in the CMS website. Our engineering can help you to do the menu and articles if you only wish to do the graphic design in photoshop. All menu and article should be completed within 2 weeks.
We have a team of engineering expertise in CMS website to meet the client expectation.

We can turn on two(2) or more design themes at different period for the CMS website.

We can extend the CMS to include business extension such as restaurant booking, electronic mailers, blog, forum, survey, polls, document sharing and many more.

We provide email and web hosting in Singapore 24 x 7 Datacenter.

We provide CMS website support and maintenance.

To start the designer collaboration work, Contact Us NOW at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .