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InstallCentral automates the installation of a given open source application. Users are free to install open source applications independently of InstallCentral by following the instructions provided by Chijmes.Net or the organization that developed the open source application. When a User uses an open source application, the User licenses it from the open source provider, not from Chijmes.Net.
  • We do not provide support for the application once the application has been successfully installed; we provide support only for the installation or upgrade process. Any support requests regarding actual use of the application must be directed to the organization or Chijmes.Net that developed the application.
  • The User is responsible for creating back-ups before upgrading to the next version.
  • We can not guarantee that the version we currently provide is the latest one being distributed by the vendor.
  • Any security risks including, but not limited to, hacking, phishing and information piracy are the sole responsibility of the User.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue applications managed by InstallCentral at any time.
  • InstallCentral applications are installed at the User's own risk. We can not be held liable for lost data or damage caused by open source applications provided through InstallCentral.