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How polo ron lauren looks to innovate

Mister.Lauren admits it's a challenge to stay on the cutting edge while keeping the brand's timeless, lux photography.In addition, many competitors have been tentative when it comes to gaining technology and social media.But embracing technology gives polo ralph lauren a very demanding advantage, mister.Lauren told.Attracts up, polo ron lauren, which spent $171 million on tactics in fiscal year 2009 down 9% from fiscal year 2008, good company will be ready, mister.Lauren replied.

"We would like to be exploring[solution] at this instant, so that our learning puts us before the curve, he explained. "Each finding out is a brick in the wall, and we want to be opening into the wall when the floods come,

Below, mister.Lauren talks to ad age about why his competitors are lagging behind in digital space, why the company has increased investment in mobile promotion why it's ok to make consumers a little bit anxious.

Mister.Lauren:Techniques that help us tell our story are interesting to us.Receptive in 2006.Accessible, and we wanted to make sure that to explain the authenticity of our relationship with tennis.Open and our understanding, read articles about the events and Ralph Lauren Outlet UK to even dropping pounds hit a backhand.It's fun and entertaining for a customer that wants a new way to correspond with us.

Mister.Lauren:Absolutely.The success we've had over recent times has encouraged us to invest more.It takes our brand to a new place and starts up a new field of business.When we came up with our app[involving the fall 2008 collection] a last year, had been two luxury brands, and now you can likely find hundreds.Macy's will likely to be locosounds selling on mobile phones.

It's good to see all these brands innovating on the phone.It takes shopping and really makes it a part of all time.A single ad in a novel with a dress or two is powerful, but with the ability to show 52 looks to someone standing on a corner in texas[employing their phone] is a different way to touch them.We're actually selling rugby shirts and sweaters and jackets and all sorts of products[using mobile scientific research].We're feeling ideal about our efforts there.We realise that we're early, but that's ok because we're building a feeling that is unique, and we're exciting our potential clients.